Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

 Today is Superbowl Sunday, normally this is my favorite time of year get together with great friends, drink plenty of alcohol, enjoy a good game of football, laugh at commercials, and eat great food. Today is a little different. There are not tons of friends around (which is fine cus I make up for it with all these spotted things and the wife) and I don't particularly care about the teams this year. However this year will be great because by the grace of an unknown power there WILL be a dalmatian commercial to laugh/cry/smile at. I am proclaiming that to be the case, not that I know that or anything. I don't remember the last time there wasn't one so if they don't have one this year Ill vow to never watch the stupid game again!!! SIKKE!!! I will, however I have to say for the past ten years of my life that I can remember the Dally commercials have been the highlight of the whole evening for me, even more then the friends, game, food, drinks, and laughter. Go play you dumb teams and to the beer companies that seem to hold the dally as their symbol- (and rightfully so, all of my dals LOVE beer, I have never met dogs who like beer more)  Make the commercials long, funny, and have plenty of spots in them!!! And please make them as touching as this one!! :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is cool!

I want my Dals to do this!!!

Isnt this the coolest thing ever?! I am totally going to teach my dogs to do this!!!

Rescue Dalmatian!

I am so excited. The other day I found a precious old man Dalmatian at a kill shelter six hours away from me. He is ten years old and so sweet. His previous owner raised him since he was six weeks old! Then one day when he was ten and couldn't hold his potty all night she got tired of him whining to go outside. He refused to go in the house being the gentleman he is so he would cry and cry because his bladder just couldn't last as long as it used to. So the woman decided enough was enough and she didn't want him anymore. !!!! Can you believe this?! Who could do that?! When you have a dog its a part of your family and especially if you have had him for ten years!! really?! Anyway he was lucky I found him. Within a day we had so many people from around the country trying to put together a transport for him to get to me. One of the other ladies I do rescue with knew of some people who she contacted and then she remembered her brother-in-law happens to live in the same small town where he is at the animal control shelter!! Not only that but he was headed right to my city this week!!! It was meant to be!! Soon Major the Dalmatian will be in my safe hands where he will be cared for and treated like the king he is. We will find him a caring loving home that wants to keep him until he lives out the rest of his life where he can be happy! He deserves a family to love him for the rest of his life and it wasn't fair he had to lose his family in the first place, but maybe its for the better because now he will find someone who really does love him. Would you put your mother in a dog shelter to be put down just cus she got old? NO!! It is crazy what people do to these poor animals thinking they don't have feelings or emotions!! We are so excited to welcome him into our home and will post pictures and updates regularly about him. Once he is  checked over by the vet and received whatever treatment he needs as well as being neutered he will be available for adoption. You can visit him at Circle of Friends Animal Society once we get him next week and can get his picture up there. In the meantime he is on Petfinder from the shelter, which is how I found him under Major the Dalmatian. Also if you want to donate toward his care please do so on the Circle of Friends Animal Society website. Any little bit helps and will be much appreciated! Look for more info and pictures to come soon!!

The Fire Dog

So dals are supposed to be fire dogs right? Turns out at least my line of dallys are!!! Ever since Sadie was a baby she used to curl up on the hearth of the fireplace and sleep there any time there was a fire in. We became concerned early on because she was just a little puppy and what if she didn't know to not go in there? Plus it got so hot by there didn't it burn her?? But no, anytime you moved her away she went right back. Since then she never leaves the fireplace when there is a fire burning. In fact its pretty silly because if it starts to die down she gets up on it standing there looking at us like "UHMM my fire is going out!!! HELLOO!!!" its so cute. She will spend hours sitting in front of it staring into it as if something interesting is happening, its almost like she's in a trance looking into the fire. She's fascinated! Mikey, her husband never does this though. She must have passed on the gene to her babies because at least four of them do the same thing!!! Two of her sons are reported to lay by the fireplace and both of her daughters insist on being right up by the fire as well! This is so cute and silly!!! We knew Dalmatians were "fire" dogs but this is taking it to a whole new level!!! I have many dogs and non of the other dogs care about the fire; the dals must know it is their duty to protect and watch over the fire!! 

Here are some pictures of Sadie by her fire, on the right is her daughter Perdita taking after her!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Our first blog

So i decided to start a blog for my family. We have so much going on all the time and such funny stories to share I thought the world would love to hear about it. So here is the beginning of the new entertaining story of a household full of spotted crazy critters (and some not so spotted ones). More to come soon!!!